Celebrating Menstrual Hygiene 2024


This report details the successful celebration of our 2024 Menstrual Hygiene Day STARs, recognizing their efforts and raising awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene and breaking period stigma.

Event Summary:

Date: 29 May , 2024
Location: Clemofad Comprehensive High School
Attendees: Representatives from
⁃ Chief Cornerstone Comprehensive College, Ita Oshin
⁃ St Peter’s college, Olomore
⁃ Peartree International college, Olomore
⁃ Clemofad comprehensive college, Olomore (the host school)

Guest Speakers:

Precious Shoremekun, Registered Nurse: Delivered a talk on the importance of menstrual hygiene, likely focusing on topics like menstrual health education, proper hygiene practices, and product knowledge while the Project Manager of the Foundation, Busayo S Eniade spoke about the importance of speaking against menstrual stigma, promoting open communication and understanding around periods.


Recognition of Champions: The event celebrated students who championed menstrual hygiene awareness within their schools, potentially through educational campaigns, peer support initiatives, or community involvement.


Interactive Learning: Registered Nurse Precious Shoremekun’s talk provided attendees with valuable information about menstrual hygiene.

Open Discussion: Busayo’s talk likely sparked a discussion about breaking down period stigma, encouraging open communication and challenging societal taboos surrounding menstruation.


 Increased Awareness: The event served as a platform to raise awareness about menstrual hygiene and period stigma among students from four schools.

Empowered STARs: The recognition of student champions further motivated their advocacy efforts within their communities.

Enhanced Knowledge: Attendees gained valuable knowledge about menstrual hygiene practices from a healthcare professional.

Community Support: The STAR GIRL CHALLENGE winners received an extra prize – a pack of period essentials and a carton of sanitary pads – to donate to vulnerable girls in their community, demonstrating the event’s commitment to broader menstrual equity.

Positive Experience: The report emphasizes the positive and memorable experience for the attending students (“STARs”).

The 2024 Menstrual Hygiene Day celebration was a resounding success. By recognizing champions, facilitating educational talks, and fostering open discussion, the event empowered students to become advocates for menstrual hygiene and break down period stigma within their communities. The charitable aspect of the STAR GIRL CHALLENGE prize further demonstrates the event’s focus on promoting menstrual well-being for all.


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