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In many parts of the world, many girls miss school during their periods or menstration. By giving them the knowledge and means to manage their menstrual hygiene effectively, we’re making sure they don’t miss out on an education.

United Nations estimates suggest that 1 in 10 girls from Sub-Saharan Africa miss school during their menstrual cycle, with some missing out on 20% of their education.

This is a common story for adolescent girls across the whole world as sanitary pads are expensive and inaccessible. In addition, menstruation or period is considered a taboo topic, causing embarrassment and exclusion from school, family life and social activities for girls when they are menstruating.

Why do girls need sanitary pads to stay in school?

Nancy Muller a Senior Program Officer working in menstrual health disclosed that You start to see a real difference in rates of school attendance for boys and girls as they move from primary school to secondary school. Rates for girls can be 8 to 10 percent lower than for boys. There are a lot of reasons for this. If there’s a need for help in the home, for example, often a girl may be held back.

Now, if a girl doesn’t have access to sanitary pads or a safe and clean place at school to change them, that becomes another reason to keep her home. She starts missing a few days every month, she falls behind, and she may eventually drop out. In fact, some small studies in Ghana and Uganda found that if you provide a girl with underwear and sanitary pads, her chances of staying in school are 30 to 50 percent higher.

Keeping girls in school is important to health and development—not only for the girls but for their communities and countries. When girls stay in school, they are less likely to get HIV infection, wages go up, teenage pregnancy rates go down, and the children they have are healthier. You educate a girl and you change the world.

In Conclusion, With the alarmng increase in the rate of world economy inflation which translates to increase in poverty rate, this means the number of girls that cannot afford to purchase a sanitry pad is increasing daily.

Our Strategy

  •  Investing in adolescent girls, orphans to equip them with the required knowledge, confidence and life options: through family, schools, technical and vocational education and training, and health, social and economic support systems.


We all have a Girl Child around and we understands the cost and plight of being a girl.

All Girls needs Sanitary materials and knowledge to stay in school and get educated, let us all help a girl atleast today.


A Girl without quality education means a dent on our future society.

We have accepted the responsibility of empowering as many  girl child we can reach but we need your assistsnce, your penny can do a lot.


Assist us to help a Girl Child.

Help a Girl Stay in school and empower a girl today by giving the little you can afford.

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