2020 Impact Report

Year 2020 Impact Report

2020 Impact Report
2020 Impact Report Cover.


2020 Impart Report (January – December)


Executive Summary

AHF remain focused on the vision and objective of making sure people especially the aged, widows, orphans and vulnerable people are happy. The organization starts the year and ends the year by putting smiles on the vulnerable faces through the foundation’s resources and supports from the BODs.

The focus is on the provision of resources to support the vulnerables and on capacity building for in and out of school girls by providing  over 1100 sanitary pads to 1100 girls in Osun and Ogun States. It also seeks to promote education among secondary school girls and make learning easy as lack of sanitary pads will not be a good reason to skip school.


Organization Summary

Putting smile on the faces of the vulnerables

Anwojue Hope Foundation (AHF) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) focused on putting smile on the vulnerable faces and capacity building for in and out school girls in Nigeria. It was founded in 2019 out of the philanthropic gesture of Mr Adeolu Anwojue. The Foundation started its activities with donation of wheelchair to Mr Olushola Ibitayo in 2019.

Direct beneficiaries of AHF resources are now about 1500 across various secondary schools and the sectors of the economy at large. AHF impacts have been felt by more than 10,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries in the South Western part of Nigeria.  Major activities of the Foundation include donation of sanitary pads to in and out of school students, donation of relief materials, donation of school materials to physically challenged students, donation of wheelchairs & crutches and financial empowerment.


leo club logo
We Partnered with LEO Club to reach more people.

We partnered with the LEO CLUB of Ede to sensitize 150 female students in Timi Agbale and Seventh day adventist school on Menstrual hygiene and self esteem.


Project Description

AHF kickstarted her major activity of the year, which was the PAD A GIRL project for 2020. The project was launched on the 30th of June, 2020 and it ended on the 27th of November, 2020. Sanitary pads were given to 1500 girls in Osun and Ogun state.

2020 pandemic was a major crisis all over the world, Nigeria as a country was not exempted. Osun State was the major target of the organization to disburse RELIEF MATERIALS. Due to restriction of movement, the relief materials were limited to Ede and Ido in Osun State. 170 vulnerable people were reached with the COVID-19 RELIEF SUPPORT MATERIALS. These COVID-19 RELIEF MATERIALS included Rice, sachet tomatoes and vegetable oil.


Project Impact in Numbers

1500 In and out of school girls reached directly

400 Out of school girls reached directly


1100 In Schools girls reached

Schools reached

Project was carried out  Osun and Ogun State



● 1500 girls were reached directly through our #PADAGIRL project in Osun and Ogun States.

● 170 vulnerables were reached through our relief support during the pandemic.

● 40 school sandals and 50 school bags were given to students at Daniel Akintode school forthe physically challenged, Adigbe, Abeokuta.

● Financial empowerments for 3 women and 2 men in Abeokuta,Ogun State.

● 2 wheelchairs was given to Makinde Oyindamola in Ogun State and Darasimi in Osun State

● 1 Crutches was given to Mr Ezekiel Adegboye in Osun State.

Project Team


Ademola Adebisi (Adviser)
Ademola Adebisi (BOD)


Busayo Soyebo (Project Manager)
Busayo Soyebo (Project Manager)



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  • Based on the participation level in the #PADAGIRL project, subsequent donation of pads should focus on every zone in the country.
  • More efforts should be made in terms of strategic partnerships for future initiatives so as to avoid the bulk of the responsibilities being on AHF.
  • Subsequent project #PADAGIRL should be structured in a competitive way with a financial reward for the overall best participants. By doing this, it can improve the level of seriousness in school.
  • AHF’s branding should be more visible at subsequent events through the use of print materials such as customized vests, notepads, pens for participants etc.