Interschool Debate Competition- Abeokuta’s bright future exhibition

18th May, 2022; Abeokuta, Ogun State Nigeria: This year the Interschool Debate Competition was held at African Church Grammer School. There were 10 different schools participating. The competition was held that same day.

All the participants were extraordinarily skilled.

One could actually see the future leaders in the contestants. The decisions of the judges were final. There were no foul plays. Although the host school won the first prize, it was to our surprise and  amazement two of the best speakers were from that school.

All the participants were students with equal calibre and potential but in the end, some stood out shining brighter than the others. The topic for the competition was ” IS DIGITALISATION THE SOLUTION TO THE DECLINE IN STANDARD OF EDUCATION IN NIGERIA? “.

There were so many notable points presented by each team but the point presented by the winning team was the game-changer.

African Church Grammer School which was the host school took the first position. They made such valid points that the judges had to award the the first position with a prize of N50,000.00.

St. Peter’s College took the first runner up position with a prize of N30,000.00.

Ilugun High School took the 2nd runner up position with a prize of N20,000.00.

It was a good day all around as everybody had fun while learning about digitalisation of education in Nigeria.


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